Olga Kirillova

Strategies of the re-signification of subject
(“The French Lieutenant’s Woman” by J.Fowles
through the perspective of Lacanian psycho-analysis).

Dissertation for the Degree of Ph.D. in Philosophy,
specialization 17.00.01 — Theory and history of culture.
National Taras Shevchenko University of Kiev, 2005.


    The topic of the dissertation is the post-modern interpretation of the notion of subject from the point of view of Lacanian psychoanalysis. The important point is that a new theory of the re-signification of subject is first introduced in the present research. The psychoanalytical theory of the French psychoanalyst Jacques Lacan is systematised and revised in the dissertation. The described pattern of the catharsis of existential trauma of the subject through the change of the traumatic signifier for an ‘adequate’ one is based on the novel by John Fowles “The French Lieutenant’s Woman”. The research showed that the problem of the re-signification of subject has valuable perspectives for the further exploration in the aspect of new “theory of subject” based on Lacanian psychoanalysis. Key words: strategy of re-signification of subject, personal myth-creation, creative self-representation of the subject, “possessive identity”, act of life-creation, “social masterpiece”, “transferent text”.

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